Episode 12 | The Transformational Power Of God

August 15, 2018

We believe in the living God and his power to transform a life. There's no one too sinful, no one too far off, no one so hopeless that he is beyond the reach of salvation and transformation by the hand of the almighty! Welcome Jon Smith as he shares his testimony of the power of God finding him in a jail cell, facing a prison sentence. Jordan Hatfield with Great Light Studios weighs in with his thoughts and gives us foreknowledge of his film in production called "Metamorphasis" about the power of God. 


Episode 11 | The Importance Of Worship

July 31, 2018

Worship leaders Carl Davis, Ryan Wallace & host Jason Villanueva tackle the subject of worship in the life of a disciple and in the body of Christ. Hear about "24 hour burns", what worship really means, and how worship is an important piece of the City-Wide Prayer Gathering.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Disciple Nations
Jesus Life Church
Wichita Prayer Movement

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Jesus Life Facebook Page
Wichita Prayer Movement Facebook Page


Episode 10 | Presence Based Ministry

July 13, 2018
Sam McVay is working on this booklet on Presence Based Ministry and Living. The hope is that it will be used by the Spirit to stir up great thirst and hunger for the presence of God in every area of our lives and ministries.
Focal points:
  • Presence Lost The Tragedy of the Fall
  • Presence Pursuit Through Tabernacle 
  • Presence Restored in Jesus 
  • Presence of Spirit the Reward and Power of Gospel 
  • Presence Trumps Principle and Process
  • Presence Based Ministry & Life 
  • Presence Filled Nations 

Download PDF booklets at:


Episode 09 | The DNA of Discipleship

June 30, 2018

DNA of Discipleship 

1- Bible: The most reliable witness to truth and the living word. 

2- God & Creation: The scriptural revelation of who God is and what He has made. 

3- Satan: The Angelic rebellion that darkened the Age. 

4-  Man: The anatomy, call, and fall of Man.

5- Israel: God calls out a people for his purpose.

6- Jesus: The promised Messiah is the God-Man.

7-Gospel: The good news of God’s kingdom and grace.

8-Holy Spirit: The gift and power of the church. 

9-Disciples Identity: In Christ and Gifted by the Spirit. 

10-Disciples Relationships: Intimacy with Jesus and Fellowship with the Church.

11-Disciples Warfare: Sin, Self, Strongholds, and Satan. 

12-Disciples Mission:  Inheritance of Jesus & the End of this Age. 


Episode 08 | Kingdom Child Training

April 29, 2018

Kingdom Child Training is a privilege, an honor, a challenge and our first call to making disciples in the scriptures. Sam and Amy McVay lead us in some practical conversation around making disciples of our children.


Episode 07 | Kingdom Marriage

April 14, 2018

Marriage is __________. Insert the blank, it can be all of these things. Paul calls it a profound mystery. God uses it as a means to fill the earth and subdue. The mission and purpose is clear, and the day-in and day-out of living in marriage can bring many joys, but often many struggles. Sam & Amy McVay help us tackle some of these issues in this episode.


Episode 06 | Equipping Ministry

March 24, 2018

Sam McVay, Jason Villanueva & Aaron Wallace ( Pastor of Reliance Community Church ) talk Equipping Ministry, the building up of the saints for the work of the ministry. 


Episode 05 | The Grace Gifts

March 11, 2018

Romans 12 lays out seven gifts given as a grace to the believer, by the Holy Spirit. Sam & Jason explore how the gifts are crucial to the saints understanding thier worth and role to the Kindgom mission.


Episode 04 | The Spirit Of Sonship

February 24, 2018

Those in Christ are Sons of God, beloved children born by grace through faith in Jesus. We are not slaves, bound by works, performance or the law. Sam, Nasser and Jason explore the spirit of Sonship in Galatians 4.


Episode 03 | How To Relate To Your Bible

February 12, 2018

The bible is to be than read, it is to be related to. It is a supernatural book given from God through man so that we might know about God and how to relate to God.