The Disciple Nations Podcast

Episode 24 | Intro On The Kingdom Of God: Jesus Is King

May 5, 2020

Sam and Matthew start a new podcast series on the kingdom of God. On this episode they cover a basic overview of scriptures on the kingdom of God and specifically talk about what it means that Jesus is king.

Scriptures Referenced
Matthew 6.33
Mark 1.14-15
Matthew 3.2
Matthew 4.17
Gen 1.28 - Adam and Eve were the first King and Queen called to Rule
Gen 3 - the start of the Kingdom Conflict
Abraham - God choosing a people ministering to
Col 1.13-14
The King has a dominion. Jesus has the right to reign.
John 18.33-38
2 Samuel 7.11-16
Psalm 2
Isaiah 7.14
Isaiah 9.6-7
Ezekiel 1.26-28
Daniel 7.13-14
Psalm 110
Luke 19.11-27
Isaiah 63.1-6
Isaiah 42.10-14
Haggai 2.6-7
Controversy is the reign of King Jesus. We need allegiance to a King.


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