The Disciple Nations Podcast

Episode 09 | The DNA of Discipleship

June 30, 2018

DNA of Discipleship 

1- Bible: The most reliable witness to truth and the living word. 

2- God & Creation: The scriptural revelation of who God is and what He has made. 

3- Satan: The Angelic rebellion that darkened the Age. 

4-  Man: The anatomy, call, and fall of Man.

5- Israel: God calls out a people for his purpose.

6- Jesus: The promised Messiah is the God-Man.

7-Gospel: The good news of God’s kingdom and grace.

8-Holy Spirit: The gift and power of the church. 

9-Disciples Identity: In Christ and Gifted by the Spirit. 

10-Disciples Relationships: Intimacy with Jesus and Fellowship with the Church.

11-Disciples Warfare: Sin, Self, Strongholds, and Satan. 

12-Disciples Mission:  Inheritance of Jesus & the End of this Age. 

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